Index to Beaumont Parish Registers

These pages are intended to be an aid for genealogists. They will provide basic research data but should not be viewed as an alternative to viewing original documents.

These indexes are based on the transcripts, printed by Frederick Arthur Crisp in 1899. They are not word for word copies. They have been presented in a semi-standardised format and only show the people and relationships contained within those registers. Much more information may be contained in the actual registers, such as, occupation, place of abode, etc.

I have used a few abbreviations, as follows:

b. of = base born child of
d. of = daughter of
jun. = junior
sen. = senior
s. of = son of
(w.) = widow or widower

Whilst I have endeavoured to maintain the original spelling of names (except that I have used F instead of ff), I have adopted a standard layout for the date of events.

It should also be noted that I have used the dates shown in the registers without adjustment for change from Julian to Gregorian calendars.

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