Funeral extracts – Stanstead Abbotts

The following pages are photographic copies of the pages of the Funeral Accounts Book of Ernest Clarke of Stanstead Abbotts. They cover the period 1902 to 1915. The account book is in pretty poor condition, with many pages detached and the covers held together with tape. The contents, while a little scruffy, are largely intact. There are a couple of pages with very small pieces missing which affect the text and a little of the writing is hard to decipher. This is aggravated by the fact that some of the entries appear to have been entered with a blunt pencil, and there are some alterations, crossings out and some entries have a line struck through them.

I have not altered the images in any way. It is for you to interpret what is wrritten. What you see is exactly what I see when I open the book.